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Drupal-webdesign.nl renewed

Our first Drupal 7 website has gone live!
Drupal-webdesign.nl has gone thru a major revision. With the public release of Drupal 7 approaching, we decided on a substantial renewal for our Drupal oriented site in october 2010.
The choice for Drupal 7 as the website platform was not as easily made as it may seem. When we first started the technical planning for the new site, D7 had just been released as a beta with no D7 equivalent available for many of the contrib modules. The public release date for Drupal hadn't even been set at that time.
Yet, we didn't want to miss the opportunity to use the 7-version for a live site in this very early stage. The result is what you're looking at now.
Especially the design of the new drupal-webdesign.nl is an enormous improvement compared to the old site. Some technical changes and some changes in the Information architecture will be made on a step-by-step basis in the near future.